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  • 1. Taxation

    a. Tax Advisory and Planning

    We provide a wide range of tax advisory and planning services for clients relating to diverse and complicated international, national and local tax matters, including review of contracts with emphasis on the tax (as well as legal) implications, advice on investments and available tax incentives programs, finance transactions, corporate reorganizations and restructurings, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.

    We likewise help design and develop the planning and implementation of tax effective strategies for structuring and processing of foreign and local investments to legally minimize tax liabilities.

    b. Tax Incentives

    We provide advice on investments and incentives laws and assist clients in qualifying and obtaining incentives from various government agencies.

    We likewise design and develop the planning and implementation of tax effective strategies for structuring and processing of foreign and local investments to legally minimize tax liabilities.

    c. Estate and Wealth Planning; Property Transfers

    We deliver best-value solutions for wealth transfer and tax advice on creation of trust, that will meet your personal needs and desires through methodically building, conserving and transferring your wealth with the least tax impact.

    Our services, particularly cover advice on the most tax efficient mode of transferring properties — estate tax planning, partitioning properties among heirs, preparing various agreements and returns (such as estate and donor’s tax returns), and obtaining tax clearances of properties transferred by way of donation and inheritance.

    d. Tax Advocacy and Controversy

    We represent clients before the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Department of Finance (DOF) and Local Government Units in controversies and disputes arising from tax audits and investigations and filing of claims for tax refund (or tax credit, as may be applicable) from the tax authorities.

    e. Rulings, Tax Treaty Reliefs and Tax Clearances

    We provide clients comprehensive guidance and assistance in applying for and obtaining tax rulings, tax treaty relief applications, and tax refunds at the  administrative level, as well as obtaining tax clearances for transfer and sale of shares and properties.

    f. Tax Litigation, Judicial Protests and Appeals

    We have extensive tax and customs litigation experience at the trial and appellate levels, and thus, can obtain the best possible results in your appeals of denials for applications to the Court of Tax Appeals (CTA), Court of Appeals, Supreme Court and other courts of competent jurisdictions. We provide you with reliable, dedicated representation in appealing local and revenue tax assessments or denials of protests of assessments to the regular courts, the CTA, the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

    g. Tax Compliance Review

    We provide a diagnostic evaluation of your company’s tax position, practices, and procedures to determine whether these comply with Philippine tax laws, rules and regulations towards the goal of identifying potential tax exposures and recommending remedial measures.

    h. Tax Due Diligence Review

    We assist clients in discovering the potential tax exposures of an investment target and help determine the valuation to be attributed to the investment to arrive at a sound and informed business decision.

    i. Transfer Pricing

    We assist clients on determining whether their existing related or intercompany pricing policies are in compliance with tax laws, rules and regulations. We review existing transfer pricing (TP) methods and recommend the adoption of the most appropriate model.

    We likewise provide planning options to ensure that policies in pricing comply with the rules in different taxing jurisdictions to reduce risk of double taxation and arrive at an optimal supply chain structure. We also provide an integrated and multi-country approach to meet substantiation requirement to appropriately and efficiently document TP policies.

    j. Tax Returns Preparation

    We assist companies in the preparation of tax returns filed with the tax authorities.

    k. Tax Seminars

    We provide seminars, trainings and updates on tax and related matters where we discuss current issues, latest pronouncements of various tax
    agencies, as well as recent decisions of courts on tax cases.

  • 2. Customs and International Trade

    a. Customs and Trade Advisory and Planning

    We offer customs advisory and planning services that include, among others, consultancy services on matters relating to trade and customs as well as compliance with requirements under trade and customs rules. Our services cover customs planning recommendations and advice, as well as
    implementation of available trade & customs programs to reduce the impact of duties and taxes on importation. The services also include valuation and classification review of goods to be imported to avoid after the fact controversy with the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and other concerned government agencies.

    b. Customs Advocacy and Controversy

    We provide clients with the widest array of assistance on matters relating to international trade and customs, particularly on the handling of issues before, during or after the importation of goods into the Philippines. Controversy at the border Our assistance includes representing your company on protest actions, or any controversies, disputes or issues that may be raised by the Bureau of Customs at the border on matters relating to, among others, valuation, classification, compliance requirements, seizure and forfeiture proceedings. Post Clearance Audit We represent clients before the BOC (and the DOF) in protest actions involving controversies and disputes arising from post clearance audits and investigations. Our assistance covers the different phases of audit investigation, from the issuance of audit notification to the termination of the audit, either at the administrative level or judicial level.

    c. Prior Disclosure Program Availment

    Our assistance include preparation of the necessary documents supporting the company’s availment of the BOC Prior Disclosure Program (PDP) as a remedial measure to minimize the impact of potential deficiencies in duties and taxes on importations.

    d. Rulings and Clearances

    We provide clients comprehensive guidance and assistance in applying for and obtaining valuation rulings from the BOC, classification ruling from the Tariff Commission, as well as other clearances, to avoid after-the-fact controversy with the customs authorities.

    e. Customs Litigation and Judicial Appeals

    We provide assistance to clients on their tax and/or customs protest or refund cases elevated before the regular courts of competent jurisdiction, Court of Tax Appeals and the Supreme Court.

    f. Customs Compliance Review

    We provide clients with either a comprehensive or a limited customs compliance review to ensure “audit readiness” in the event of a post clearance audit by the BOC. The goal of the review is to minimize the impact of potential deficiency customs duty or tax assessment and penalties. Since the review will entail the identification of the potential exposure to duties and taxes, the exercise will facilitate the availment of the BOC PDP should the company decide avail the PDP.

    g. General Customs Services

    We assist clients on other customs matters, including but not limited to: product classification outsourced services, preparation of a customs manual, securing the necessary permits, clearances, and licenses related to the company’s import requirements, BOC accreditation and registration of importers, refunds and drawbacks, securing permits and licenses for the operation of a Customs Bonded Warehouse, securing BOC advance rulings and Certificates of Origin under pertinent Free Trade Agreements, securing conditionally-free import permits from the Department of Finance.

    h. Trade Measures Assistance

    We provide assistance in the handling of anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard duty, and other trade measurers related cases.

    i. Customs and trade Seminars

    We conduct seminars, trainings and updates on customs and trade-related matters. The discussion will include current issues to update participants with the latest issuances from the DOF, BOC and other agencies, as well as relevant and recent court decisions on customs and trade.

  • 3. Special Projects

    A. Deals, Mergers & Acquisitions

    a. Mergers & Acquisitions

    Our skills are honed from handling major deals including one between major cement companies, as well as sale or acquisition of controlling interests of industry leaders in mining, cement, tollways and generics drug business, and of other companies with private partnership projects or agreements with the government. We apply our expertise to:

        • Sales, mergers and acquisitions of assets, business or companies;
        • Focused legal due diligence review;
        • Assistance from early stages of negotiations until completion of
        • Drafting of terms sheets, sale and acquisition agreements, merger
          documents, shareholders’ agreement and various agreements involving
          investments and acquisitions, such as joint venture agreements and
          investment agreements; and
        • Obtaining approvals from the Securities and Exchange Commission and
          other regulatory bodies, such as the Philippine Competition Commission.

    b. Contracts

    We prepare and negotiate all kinds of contracts and craft them so that they are fair and reasonable and satisfy your business objectives.

    B. Foreign Investments

    We approach your investments and ventures in the country with integrated, interdisciplinary solutions and a practical perspective. We advise on various legal and regulatory aspects of foreign investments and commercial ventures, including compliance with regulatory requirements and nationality restrictions.

    We help structure foreign investments and shareholdings to achieve maximum efficiency for the stakeholders.

    We give high-caliber counseling and assistance in projects involving renewable energy, water, mining, construction, and tollways, and other joint ventures with the government. We can assist you in drafting, negotiating and completing infrastructure projects agreements, and joint venture and concession agreements with the government, as well as in applying for various permits and licenses involving mining and energy projects.

    We also advise on all aspects of governmental and administrative regulations and can directly represent you before legislative and executive officials in the formulation, interpretation, or application of legislative and administrative rules and regulations.

    D. Loans and Project Finance

    Our full-service capabilities include legal services and counseling you in all aspects of loan and project financing, including drafting and negotiating loan agreements, project finance agreements, and security documents.

    E. Corporate Reorganization and Restructuring

    With an efficiency that comes from considerable experience, we advise and assist in corporate reorganizations and restructurings, joint ventures, securitization of assets, rights and stock offerings.

  • 4. General Corporate Practice

    a. General Corporate Practice

    We provide quality legal work with a business approach and support for your operational needs.

    b. Corporate Advisory

    We have developed particular strengths in general corporate practice, and provide you with advice and assistance on understanding and complying with general commercial laws, including compliance with the Data Privacy Act.

    We assist in establishing companies, branches, and special entities like regional operating headquarters and lending companies.

    c. Corporate Secretarial Services

    We provide competent corporate secretary work and services, and maintain corporate records. We also act as stock and transfer agents and  maintain stock and transfer books of various companies.

    d. Business Permits

    We assist your new business obtain the necessary business registrations, permits and licenses from the BIR and the local government units.

  • 5. Civil and Commercial Litigation

    We approach your legal proceeding—at whatever stage it is in—with business insight and individualized care. We collaborate with you to pursue straightforward, ethical strategies that help advance your goals in these areas: 

      • general litigation, such as cases involving civil and commercial issues
      • mediation and settlement of issues to resolve conflict and avoid litigation

    We guide you in determining the most effective and beneficial strategy, whether through settlement, alternative dispute resolution, or trial.

  • 6. Labor and Employment

    We work with you to help you understand labor issues from a strategic and holistic perspective. We provide counseling on retirement funds, office policies and manuals, hiring and firing of employees and officers, and assist you in complying with the myriad requirements of labor law.

    We also represent you in cases before the Department of Labor and Employment, and the National Labor Relations Commission, diligently prosecuting all tasks to meet your objectives.

  • 7. Immigration

    We provide expert representation and counseling on immigration law, as well as prompt, client-focused assistance in obtaining working permits, prearranged employment visas and other visas from the Bureau of Immigration.

  • 8. Intellectual Property and Technology

    We assist on matters relating to trademarks, patents, copyrights and intellectual property of domestic and foreign companies. Our services include registration and maintenance of trademarks, patents, and  copyrights. We also provide services for copyright, trade secret, and confidential information protection, patent drafting and registration, and technology transfer. We can advise and represent you in trademark, patent, and copyright infringement and unfair competition cases as well as in alternative dispute resolution involving intellectual property.

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