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By: Atty. Euney Marie Mata-Perez on September 14,2023 I was just inducted as a member of NOWCD, the NextGen Organization of Women Corporate Directors,  the Philippine chapter of Women Corporate Directors International. Incorporated on September 24, 2021, NOWCD seeks to bring together...

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Safeguards of the Maharlika Investment Fund

By Euney Marie Mata-Perez on September 7,2023 Republic Act (RA) No. 11954  established the Maharlika Investment Fund (MIF) to strengthen the investment activities of the country’s top-performing government financial institutions and promote economic growth and social development. It...

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Fighting corruption in the Philippines

By Euney Marie Mata-Perez on August 3,2023. I WAS invited by the Tax Accountancy Association Union of Chinese Taipei (Taauct) to speak during its Corporate Integrity and Sustainable Development Asia Regional Seminar recently held in Taiwan. Deputy ministers from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry...

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Election of directors and the holdover principle

By Nica Marsha Gasapo on June 22,2023 THE board of directors of a corporation is the seat of corporate power. Under the law, the board is clothed with authority to exercise the corporate powers, conduct all business and control all properties of the corporation. The election of the members of...

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The benefits of treasury shares

 By Euney Marie Mata-Perez on June 15,2023 THE outstanding capital stock of a corporation shall constitute a trust fund held by the corporation for the benefit of its creditors. It shall not be returned to the stockholders by repurchase of shares, except in the manner as provided for under...

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