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Fighting corruption in the Philippines

By Euney Marie Mata-Perez on August 3,2023. I WAS invited by the Tax Accountancy Association Union of Chinese Taipei (Taauct) to speak during its Corporate Integrity and Sustainable Development Asia Regional Seminar recently held in Taiwan. Deputy ministers from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry...

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MTF Managing Partner Euney Mata-Perez will moderate this session on Emerging Economies and Tax Issues in this 2023 International Tax Conference organized by the Asian Consulting Group. Introducing our esteemed presenters at the 2023 International Tax Conference Engage as they bring a wealth of...

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Claim for refund of unutilized input VAT

By: Atty. Aziza Hannah Bacay on May 25,2023 SECTION 112 of the Tax Code (Republic Act [RA] 8424, as amended) states that a taxpayer may claim for refund or request for issuance of tax credit certificate for its excess unutilized input value-added tax (VAT). In computing VAT, the input tax (the...

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